Saturday, July 9, 2011



Hye peeps ! I miss sangat kat you all . macam tak nak lepaskan blog ni .hee~ 
Okayy , first  saya nak tunjuk gambar yang saya suka sangat .
macam Bajed Lawaa laa kan . tehee~
*kesah saya !LOL


Since the late , many gurls choose to wear hijab . That's sound good rite ? yaa , for me , it is really good .
I hope , from wearing the hijab, they can realize that hijab is not just a fesyen but a thing that 'Wajib' they wear. I got an infomation about a girl that did not wear hijab before . She realized the benefits of wearing the hijab is very good . I probably would not qualify to talk about religion , but i qualified to give my opinion and reminding fellow Muslims to do what  they must do .

I Love Hijab !

Sekarang ramai yang meminati Hijab . Saya pun tak ketinggalan . hee=B 
Pemerhatian saya dalam Facebook , ramai manusia Hot pakai hijab/tudung . Soo, on that means sekarang manusia ikut "Latest Fesyen" laa kan .Biase laa tu .

Hottest Hijabist

1. Yuna Zarai

she is the most Wanted
*just about her Hijab Fashion& her music. nothing else laa derr 

she's so adoreable <3

she is a cool musician+gorgeousplusplus .

a simple-wear-of-hijab
*you can easily wear it

aww ,their face look err ,I dont know laa .hee

2.Maria Elena

she is a talkative in her vlog .
she is a nice gurl 
she always  look gorgeous as Hana Tajima !
you know Hana Tajima ? you have to know her because she looks nice with her Hijab 

she got her own style 

she has a blog !

She soo-soo-soo Peliks !

3.Heliza Helmi

she is cuteplusplus 

aww . cer tengok mata dy ! Fuhhh , 
BULAT gleww~

her hijab look soo Cool~

gorgeous !

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